Welcome to the brand new Autoimmune Disease Mastery Program, the most comprehensive online professional learning program ever created for Autoimmune Disease.

This is knowledge that I have collected over the past 26 years of clinical experience and 23 years of teaching throughout North America. For the first time ever, I have put it all together in one program.

No one can argue that we’ve seen some incredible advancements in modern medicine and technology. Trauma care and lifesaving interventions are more advanced and effective than ever.

In this age of progress, must our patients accept that that the only remedies are drugs and surgery?

Must you ultimately give up on fixing the most complicated cases that come into your office, and must you wait until patients are so far gone before beginning to treat them?

This is not a diatribe against Western medicine or the healthcare system, this is a Call for you to do more for your patients. To Become ConfidentKnowledgeable. And Reliable.

As professional healers, we can turn the tide against the alarming rise of autoimmune disease.

We can not only stop these debilitating conditions, but revitalize our clients’ health.

But first, we need knowledge.

The Autoimmune Mastery Program will give you everything you need to be prepared to confront Autoimmune disease in your office, guide your patients to lasting change, and inform you about the latest in clinical understanding of what works and what doesn’t.


Michael Gaeta, DAc

P.S. Enrollment will be open for only a limited time because I want to get started with this exciting group. You can try it completely risk-free for the first 30 days.

“For every human illness, somewhere in the world there exists a plant which is the cure.”
–Rudolf Steiner

Why is Autoimmunity the most important thing
to study as a clinician?

“For every human illness, somewhere in the world there exists a plant which is the cure.”
–Rudolf Steiner


5 Hours of Secure Attachment Parenting Training

Each week you will receive in-depth training on every area you need to know about autoimmune where you will learn:

  • The two primary contributors to the autoimmune process
  • Which conditions can have an autoimmune component, why all disease becomes autoimmune, and tests you can use to predict future autoimmune conditions
  • A three-phase program for autoimmune patients, and healthy patients, which can prevent and reverse the autoimmune process

2. Six Weekly
LIVE Training Calls

Each week we’ll be together on a live webinar call to answer your questions. These will be online to review all of the information in the videos and extend the knowledge even further including talking about clinical applications for different types of therapists.

3. Transcripts and Downloads of ALL the calls and recordings

4. Private Facebook Group

Access to a private Facebook Group that will connect you with a worldwide community to discuss the week’s course material, share experiences, give and receive support.

PLUS, You Will Receive These
Special Bonuses:

Bonus #1
Guest Faculty

Izabella Wentz, PharmD

Autoimmune Disease and Patient Management: Understand how to work with your autoimmune patients effectively for the lasting clinical results

Mark Berger, MD

Autoimmune Radiology: View the effects of autoimmune disease on body tissues from a senior Board-Certified radiologist

Bonus #2
Case Studies

An exclusive collection of 21 autoimmune case studies formerly reserved for members of Dr Gaeta’s one-year Clinician’s Mastermind Circle certification program in natural functional medicine. These cases were brought to Michael for his input from practitioner members of his mentoring program.

  • Learn from 21 actual autoimmune patient cases
  • Discover Dr. Gaeta’s specific protocols for supporting the healing process in autoimmune patients
  • Acquire the diet, lifestyle and natural medicine strategies of a senior practitioner that you will immediately be able to apply in your practice

Bonus #3
Lyme Disease: Navigating a Wholistic Approach

  • Lyme disease has been reported in all 50 US States and there are 300,000 new cases each year – that’s one percent of the US population.  Co-infections complicate diagnosis and treatment.
  • Blood tests for the disease are not conclusive. Learn the latest diagnostic criteria.
  • You will learn natural medicine and lifestyle strategies for optimising immune response, and supporting healing in Lyme patients who have long-term, chronic issues
  • How to work with acute and chronic Lyme patients, those with other types of infections, and how to support Lyme patients who have some of the common symptoms of this disease.

Bonus #4
Fibromyalgia and Pain


  • Fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS) and the syndromes of chronic pain are among the most common patient complaints seen in practice.
  • FMS is often accompanied by chronic fatigue (CFS), headaches, insomnia, TMJ, IBS, anxiety and/or depression. FMS and CFS are best understood as being disorders on the same spectrum, with differing presentations in individual patients.
  • According to the National Fibromyalgia Association, FMS affects about 10 million people in the US and 3-6% of the world population. FMS is most common in 20 to 50-year old females; 75-90% of people with FMS are women. Incidence rises with age so that by age 80, approximately 8% of adults meet the American College of Rheumatology classification of fibromyalgia.
  • This seminar educates clinicians in the most common causes of FMS and chronic pain, and in natural support for these patients using diet, food- and plant-based supplementation.

Six Weekly Modules:

Module One: Establishing Secure and Sensible Attachment Parenting

We will discuss Secure Attachment, and how parents can create a sense of safety and security in their relationships with their children.  Secure attachment is the home base from which children go out to deal with challenges in the world, and to which they return.  This involves allowing the natural rhythms of connection and aloneness and of harmony, disharmony and repair.  The focus of this module is small, doable steps to help parents have greater connection with their kids.

In Module 1 you will learn to:

  • Move from the common feeling of failure or inadequacy as a parent to closer relationship with children and real understanding of their feelings and experiences.
  • Find a healthy balance between close emotional attunement and independence so that both parents and kids can have their own space and alone-time.
  • Step out of perfectionism and into the moment with your kids or clients.
  • Support our kids through difficult social situations at school and be a safe harbor for them to come home to.
  • Talk about difficult issues without overwhelming your kids or your clients.
  • Practical techniques for repair, the skill that John Gottman says is responsible for 80% of sustainable well-being in a relationship.

Module Two: The Four Concentric Circles of Connection

In this Module, Kim lays out his Four Concentric Circles of Connection, a tool for speaking to parents about the effects of screens without arousing defensiveness or dismissal. The four circles, from outermost to innermost, are Nature & Play, Friendship, Family, and Self. We explore what parents want for their kids in each of these areas, and how screens can interfere.

In this Module you will learn:

  • How to be pro-connection instead of anti-screen.
  • How play develops socio-emotional and problem solving skills that are key to success later in life.
  • How to convince parents and kids to limit screen time and make more time for family connection.
  • How screen use can erode children’s core sense of self that would steer them away from risky behaviors like drinking, promiscuity and drug use.
  • How to coach parents on dealing with grandparents who undercut family rules about screens.
  • How time away from screens actually gives kids an edge in the 21st Century economy.

Module Three: Keeping Developmental Foundations Healthy in a Digital Age

This Module concerns the natural developmental processes that kids go through, and the effects screens can have on them.  We talk about the norming process that begins at home and naturally progresses outward through school and peers at appropriate times, but can be circumvented by early social media exposure.  We explore the difference between healthy alone time and painful loneliness, and the confusion between them that social media can create.  We discuss the effects of screens on the dopamine system, and how this impacts discipline at home and at school.  We discuss the continuous process of belonging that has been ritualized in traditional cultures through rites of passage.  Finally, look at the research on grit and determination, their role in long-term success, and the way screen use affects them.

In this Module you will learn:

  • The tremendous benefits of a predictable rhythm of simple household norming rituals.
  • The skills kids need to have healthy connection and avoid the epidemic of chronic loneliness that affects 20 to 80% of teenagers and 40 to 50% of elders.
  • The importance of healthy alone time to developing creativity, how screens can short-circuit this process, and how parents can support it.
  • How the dopamine delivered by screen-based activities diminishes motivation for daily tasks like school work and housework
  • How limiting screen use increases kids’ cooperativeness, receptivity to parents, and ability to work through problems.
  • The three kinds of empathy, how screen use is contributing to an overall decline in all three, and the frightening implications of this trend.

Module Four: Neuroscience: Raising Resilient Children

We dive into the research on the neuroscience of Social Engagement.  We look at the specific parental behaviors that lead to a feeling of safety and security for children, and how this sense of safety contributes to children’s own social skills.  We discuss the effects that screens are having on this process.  We go into detail about the way the social engagement system can shut down as a result of unresolved traumatic events, stress, or overstimulation.  We lay out some approachable ways to start reducing stress and increasing safety and social engagement in the home.


In this Module you will learn:

  • The neuroscience of how we experience and communicate safety with one another, and how we can use this to help our kids feel secure.
  • How overstimulation creates sense of danger and reduces time in secure social engagement with parents.
  • How to recognize the effects of constant overstimulation or stress in children, and the process for bringing them back to safety.
  • The “undeclared war on childhood” in the modern world, and how to get your kids back.
  • The beneficial effects on children’s behavior when parents put away their own devices to be with their kids.
  • How parents can be the “emotional climate control” of their household

Module Five: Healing Early Wounds to Bridge Back to Secure Attachment

Building on the description of Secure Attachment in Module 1, we go into depth about the three main ways that children adapt to a lack of Secure Attachment in their family of origin: Avoidant Attachment, Anxious-Ambivalent Attachment, and Disorganized Attachment.  Diane describes how to recognize these attachment adaptations in our clients, our children, and ourselves, and most importantly, how to build a bridge back to Secure Attachment from each attachment style. We also look at the ways digital devices complicate attachment between children and parents.

In this Module, you will learn:  

  • The characteristics of each Attachment Style.
  • Parental behaviors that lead to these adaptations.
  • Simple day-to-day habits to help parents who didn’t learn Secure Attachment from their own families to provide it for their children.
  • How a two to three-degree trajectory shift makes a big difference over time.
  • How screen use can exacerbate and even create unhealthy attachment patterns.
  • How each Attachment Style might use digital devices to cope instead of moving toward Secure Attachment
  • The relationship between Ambivalent Attachment and “friending” on social media.

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Once Again, Here’s Everything You’ll Receive:

The Autoimmune Mastery Program in
Six Complete Modules

  1. 12 hours of Autoimmune Training Videos [VALUE: $300]
  2. Six Weekly LIVE Training Calls [VALUE: $600]
  3. Transcripts and Audio Downloads of ALL the calls and video recordings

    [VALUE: $150]

  4. Private Membership Site with Easy Access to All Training Materials and Bonuses

Plus, these Bonuses:

5. Bonus #1 - Lectures from Guest Faculty Mark Berger, MD and Isabella Wentz, PharmD [Value: $450]
6. Bonus #2 - Professional Case Studies [Value: $150]

7. Bonus #3 - Lyme Disease: Navigating a Wholistic Approach [Value: $100]

8. Bonus #4 - Fibromyalgia and Pain [Value: $100]

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What Others Are Saying...

Thank you, Michael. I don’t know how you get all you get done, but I am sure glad you do and that I am learning from the best.

Lisa Rhodes, CTN, ACN

My confidence in my practice has grown immensely with Michael’s help.  I have a wider knowledge base in which to diagnose and treat my patients.  I also have a wider knowledge base regarding possible herbs and supplements to use for more effective treatment.  My patient outcomes have improved with my increased knowledge and confidence and my practice has grown as a results.

Heather Lahdenpera, LAc, MPT, MTOM, Dipl. OM, Fort Collins, CO


I took the day off from going in to the office and dedicated my day to learning and really spending time to focus truly on how to make my practice better and give back to my patients even more.

I spent most of the day listening to your seminars and I just wanted to say thank you. I know how much it means to me when patients take time out of their day to say thank you or write and email or note and I wanted to do the same for you. Your lectures and notes have been so helpful and keep me motivated because somedays get draining when you hear how terrible people feel all the time…

Thank you again for the great mentoring program phone calls. It helps soo much! And gets me excited to learn and reinforce protocols with patients!

So I just wanted to say thank you and my day off was well worth it!! I hope you had a great Wednesday like I did!

Dr. Carolyn Maxfield, DC, Brentwood, TN

For years I’ve heard stories about miraculous healing, but had never experienced it until I started mentoring with you. I have truly had the most amazing experiences in just weeks with the protocols you’ve given me.

I had an ulcerative colitis patient who almost died from blood loss who was facing surgery to have his colon removed, and he is now thriving, smiling, and gives me huge hug every time I see him. You saved his colon! I have another patient who had whole body pain for years that completely disappeared in a week after Cataplex D and Folic Acid B12. My Sifu for Kung Fu had a horrible knee but couldn’t afford surgery, so I put him on your joint repair protocol and watched his knee heal before my eyes. I have too many patient stories to share them all with you, but want you to know how very grateful I am for your help.

Charlotte Richer LAc, MSTCM, Dipl Ac (NCCAOM)

Since participating your training, I've been able to help with several cases of OA, menopausal pain, bleeding ulcers, adrenal fatigue, two cases of hypothyroidism, fibromyalgia, and chronic bronchitis in post RSV toddlers (my own). The one I'm most excited about is helping supplement a case of prostate cancer. I lost one good friend to metastasized prostate cancer, and I and so grateful to be able to help this time. You have truly broadened my practice in ways I never thought possible. Thanks again.

Ron Christensen, DC, Burley, ID