The Attachment & Trauma Mastery
Training Program

How to Create a Bridge to Secure Attachment
for Even Your Most Challenging Clients

diane-smilingHello and Welcome,

I want to share with you a powerful, life-changing training program that will help you identify your clients’ Attachment style and their challenges. You will contribute to the creation of a thriving online community of practitioners who are sharing their experiences, challenges, and insights as they explore them in their practices.

We all want to be of highest service…and as therapists we are successful when we can understand what is going on inside our clients so that we can help them.

When you can identify the dominant Attachment patterns and when you have the knowledge and understanding about each adaptation, you are empowered to be highly successful in changing peoples’ lives.

In the upcoming course you will learn the exact language for each Attachment adaptation and the specific Corrective Experiences that can effectively and quickly heal early wounds. You will also learn specific techniques on how to model and reinforce Secure Attachment within yourself.

As you nurture your own Attachment system, you will be able to develop trust and enhance connection in all your relationships.

Here are three core elements that make this course unique and enrich your practice with invaluable resources:

1.  Specific language and approaches for each Attachment Adaptation

You know that you and your clients put the best intentions into trying to be ideal partners. However, often early biological wiring fuels automatic responses that create intense conflict and pain with the very ones we love most. Helping your clients heal childhood attachment wounds is ESSENTIAL for them to enjoy fulfilling relationships as adults now.  The key for you as a therapist is to learn the Language of Attachment so you can create breakthrough experiences for them.

2. How to return back to Secure Attachment

You will learn how to enable anyone to experience meaningful and fulfilling relationships in every area of their life by building bridges back to Secure Attachment. The majority of people did not experience Secure attachment in their early childhood, and yet it is everyone’s innate capacity as well as a learnable skill. You will learn how to model it for your clients and teach them how to bring it forth in their life.

Nurturing the attachment system helps us in ALL AREAS of our life: parenting, personal relationships, coaching, and even in business. By helping others return to Secure Attachment, your work will create ripples out into the world.

3. The latest research and insights from renowned experts

As part of the program, you will be listening to experts from various fields such as neurobiology, neuroscience, as well as relationship and parenting work. This will help “connect the dots” of the many specialties that are part of this multidimensional landscape of learning models. This work continues to expand, so it is important to keep adding on to what you already know…this is the path of mastery in any discipline.

This program includes online video training and five weekly webinars. We will be talking about case studies and working together to expand our knowledge and professional skills. There is also a special sixth week that you can read about below. As a member of the program, you can download and keep all this material forever.

I look forward to sharing and being with you during the program and after. I hope you find this course useful and I thank you for being part of this growing community.

In appreciation,

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Diane Poole Heller, PhD

P.S. We are going to start the program very soon after we release it for enrollment, so I encourage you to get on board while it is still open and spaces are available.

P.P.S. On this page are all the details, and at the bottom I have included special bonuses.

What if you could cut through all the theory to quickly identify the most targeted, specific corrective experiences to help your clients heal?

Sexuality-Attachment-dvd-copyImagine having the confidence and “therapeutic radar” to recognize subtle verbal and somatic  clues… mastering the language that can help you bring your clients back to Secure Attachment.

This is the promise: by learning this work, you can help your clients move into deeper and more intimate relationships.

This training program will provide a comprehensive understanding of the four Attachment Styles and protocols from the latest research, to foster healthy outcomes and real transformation in your clients’ relationships.

What is even more exciting is that you can teach your clients to understand their own Attachment Styles AND those of the loved ones around them. In doing so, you will be providing them with practical tools and a map to successfully navigate ALL of their relationships.

Why learning the language of Attachment is a foundational skill for all relationships...

56383069When you understand early Attachment styles in a healthy, safe environment, the original imprints that are the foundation of the self-protective ego structure can be healed.

You can then be more in contact with your intrinsic core intactness. You embody your Authentic Self and you can deeply enjoy fulfilling relationships.

In this comprehensive training, you will learn the distinctive hallmarks of each of the four basic Attachment Styles:

  1. Secure
  2. Ambivalent/Preoccupied
  3. Avoidant/Dismissive
  4. Disorganized/Disoriented

We will be looking at case studies and illustrating how each style impacts our clients’ adult relationships later in life.

From this training, you will gain a clear understanding of practical applications of Somatic techniques and Corrective Experiences to alleviate stuck Attachment patterns.

As you explore this material and your own Attachment history, you will discover how to help your clients heal this important part of our human journey.

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A Unique Interactive Course for
Attachment Style and Relationship Trauma Mastery

Wisdom - Community - Service

DARe-1-hand-image-copyIn my own life I've gone through extreme trauma several times and trained thousands of therapists in both attachment and trauma. Each interaction, each teaching and each new case study adds to my understanding.

Each new piece builds on everything I have learned…AND the real magic is when we share what we learn with others.

If we can share what we have learned by working with clients, then that knowledge can benefit everyone because all of life works in patterns.

I believe in community we are much stronger than as individuals working alone. That is one of the major reasons WHY I created the program – to connect people around the world who are working with this powerful Attachment and Relationship Trauma approach. When we work with it and improve it and share it, we are leveraging our collective Wisdom! We are improving the world, one individual at a time… and this ripples out in waves to affects couples, families, and entire communities.

I want to serve those engaged in this work. I want to share as many case studies and examples as possible. As a member of the program, you’ll also be able to download all materials so you can access them FOREVER.

Let me tell you what is in the program now…we are going to open up enrollment for a limited time because we are going to get the first group started soon. I have also added in bonuses for those who join me now...


What You'll Receive in the
Attachment & Trauma Mastery Program

1. The Attachment and Trauma Mastery Training Program, including five full modules plus bonuses

You will gain instant access to the first module, which contains downloadable videos in the program. For the first four weeks, we will focus on the four Attachment Styles. In the fifth week, we will turn our attention to special issues related to working with Attachment Styles and Trauma.

2. Written Transcripts of the Online Training Videos in the program

Each week, along with the training videos, you will get transcripts as well – because we know many people prefer not only to watch material, but also to have the written copy. You can download the transcripts and use them for reference and note taking.

3. 5 LIVE Q&A and Mentoring Calls with Diane

For each of the five weeks we will be on calls together and we will review the week’s teachings. At the end of the calls, there will be time for questions and answers. If you cannot make any of the live calls, they will be recorded and posted to the private member area.

4. Access to a Private Online Therapist Member Community

I am thrilled that we have the opportunity to create an online community of people using this work. This will be a place for discussion, sharing and support.

5. Continuing Education Credits (optional)

Jointly sponsored by Lifespan Learning Institute and Commonwealth Educational Seminars, we are able to offer 22 CE credit hours for this program.

Program credit is awarded for the following professions:

  1. Social Workers
  2. Psychologists
  3. Licensed Professional Counselors
  4. Marriage and Family Therapists and
  5. Nurses
  6. Body Workers

Attendees completing this program receive 22 continuing education hours of credit.

For those interested in CEs, there will a nominal $99 charge to offset new processing fees from our provider.

What Makes this Mastery Program Unique

Experience the Breakthrough Nature of Attachment
in Your Therapy Practice and Life



Imagine a young boy (we’ll call him John) who one day was told that he was going to a day camp, but instead was dropped off at an orphanage. No warning was provided for this terrible abandonment. The teenage mother had been left by the boy’s father, and without financial resources, simply could not cope.

John originally came to me seeking treatment for panic attacks related to a fear of flying. Unfortunately flying was required weekly for his corporate job.

By tracking his verbal and body responses, I was able to see that the “fear of flying” was really a window into a much more complex history of Disorganized Attachment.

We were able to discover his fear of flying was really connected to an early childhood impulse to jump off a high-rise building when visiting his mother. By creating a safe relational field with containment in our therapy sessions, he was able to process his anger and helplessness related to his abandoning parents, he was gradually free of anxiety medication, and no longer afraid to fly.

He had also developed Obsessive Compulsive Disorder – he used to tap the light switch several times before leaving a room. This disorder may have been a masked attempt to gain control from a childhood with no control. We worked on repairing trust in the therapy sessions, introducing corrective experiences, such as giving voice to his anger towards his parents, and “installing a Competent Protector,” represented by his Grandfather – who had died before he could rescue him – and kind foster parents, emphasizing their caring behaviors.

He was trapped in being the “good boy,” trying not to lose again his attachment figures. Dealing with negative emotions was critical, in an environment that was accepting and containing (element of Secure Attachment).

Once trust was established in the therapy session, his obsessive-compulsive behaviors disappeared.

Over time, with a new foundation of Secure Attachment, he was able to repair his relationship with his wife, which was on the brink of divorce. He now gives talks to social work organizations on how to improve services and create a more securely attached environment for their young population.

John Chitty

"Dr. Heller is a superb therapist and teacher. She has the ability to comprehend complex psychology ideas, see underlying patterns and deep implications, and then organize the information in an easily understood, warm-hearted way. I highly recommend her as a veritable fountain of knowledge in the fields of trauma resolution, attachment re-patterning and body-centered psychotherapy."

John Chitty
co-founder of Colorado School of Energy Studies and author of “Dancing with Yin and Yang: Ancient Wisdom, Modern Psychotherapy and Randolph Stone’s Polarity Therapy“

What's Inside the Training Modules

Module 1
Demystifying the definition of Secure Attachment – Theory and Integration

✓ What Secure Attachment is and isn’t

✓ Nine ingredients for thriving in Secure Attachment

✓ Innate blueprint for health – Core Intactness

✓ Can be “earned” or “learned” later in life

✓ Clinical Interventions: corrective experiences for nourishing the healthy attachment system now, as well as healing early bonding wounds from deficiencies of caregivers

✓ Learning the skill of initiating and receiving repair attempts to sustain well-being in important relationships

Module 2
How to Work with Avoidant Attachment Disruption – Causes, Effects and Corrective Experiences

✓  Specific clinical interventions and corrective experiences for Ambivalent orientation

✓  Parents’ attitudes and caregiving styles, as well as the child’s adaptation strategies to caregivers’ deficiencies; possible ramifications in adult relationships

✓  You will learn to recognize eight complex characteristics of clients with Avoidant Attachment history

✓  Corrective experiences: will be focused on re-establishing a sense of self and enhancing embodiment, aliveness, and connectedness (i.e., Kind Eyes and Welcome to the World exercises)

Module 3
How to Work with Ambivalent Attachment Disruptions – Causes, Effects and Corrective Experiences

✓  You will learn how, in the Ambivalent model, parents’ attitudes and caregiving styles may be loving at times but with inconsistent availability, perceptiveness, or effectiveness – and how this very inconsistency may result in the Ambivalent adaptation for the child, with marked over-focus on the Other

✓  Recognize how the Ambivalent person might re-enact in adulthood many of these adaptation behaviors, showing the same inconsistent emotional availability or intrusiveness they originally experienced, getting trapped in a perpetual, tantalizing struggle of wanting but not having

✓  How their receptivity may also be crippled by a chronic anxiety in relationships, leaving them always questioning their worthiness in receiving love

✓  Specific clinical interventions and corrective experiences for Ambivalent (i.e., practicing receiving, valuing caring behaviors from others)

Module 4
How to Work with Disorganized Attachment Disruptions – Causes, Effects & Corrective Experiences

✓  You will learn how, in the disorganized model, parents’ attitudes and caregiving styles are characterized by unclear, inconsistent and incoherent communication, sudden shifts of extreme states, chaotic and/or threatening behaviors. All of those behaviors are bound to create confusion and unsolvable problems in the child, disrupting the very foundation of Secure Attachment, which relies on safety and consistency.

✓  Recognize the four main adaptive strategies that a child will incorporate for this style

✓  Learn how to overcome the conflict between two major biological drives – the instinct to bond and the instinct to respond to threat – caused by the paradox of perceiving threat from the same person that we are biologically designed to attach to

✓  Specific clinical interventions and corrective experiences for Disorganized (i.e., uncoupling the survival instinct from the instinct to bond, enhancing sense of safety by installing Competent Protector)

Module 5
Attachment Theory is Regulation Theory – Importance of Secure Attachment in Working with Trauma

✓  Learn how Self-Regulation and Interactive Regulation are influenced by Attachment Styles

✓  How  Attachment Styles are important for our regulatory and relational health and well-being

✓  A summary module on how the four styles work together and their possible interactions, and mutual repair strategies

✓  Discussions on where we are going with the new research and science within attachment

PLUS You'll Receive the Following
Special Bonuses for Joining the Program

BONUS #1: The Attachment Mastery Blueprint

How to Integrate Attachment Therapy into Your Practice

[Value $300]

Using Attachment in Your Practice

Learning new knowledge is good thing - however I want to help you put this to use in your practice.

I have worked with many therapists and I am going to give you the exact tools I use so that you can seamlessly integrate this work with your clients. In this special bonus training I'm going to help you integrate the Somatic Attachment approach you have been studying and learning so you can apply it directly to your client practice. This is where you go from theory to transformation.

In this ADDITIONAL BONUS TRAINING you'll receive:

  • An interactive 90-minute group call where we will discuss specific cases & issues in your practice
  • Staying clean in session - my tips for staying present with your client and keeping your stuff out of the therapy session
  • Staying in your body - my own techniques for staying present, even during very difficult sessions
  • An attachment styles cheat sheet - The elements of different styles from the perspective of object relations

The Advanced Attachment Client Questionnaire

[Value $400]

You'll get my in-depth questionnaires to help your clients quickly determine their attachment style

This bonus includes 2 Attachment Style Questionnaires, short and long-form, as well as private access to an online survey to help you quickly evaluate your client's relationship orientation. These surveys have been developed and refined over a period of 20 years and are a tremendous tool and asset for your practice.

The Language of Attachment Guidebook

[Value $100]

95 Specific Phrases to Work With Attachment Styles

This is a short but powerful guidebook on the specific language and corrective actions you can take to work with each of the attachment styles. The PDF contains 95 specific phrases that you can practice and use with your clients.

Expert Interviews & Therapy Training Calls

As a special bonus you'll also get access to a library of our
best talks and interviews with many of the leaders in our field.

[Value $300]

Stan Tatkin, PsyD

How to Work with Couples

Author of Your Brain on Love, Wired for Love and Love and War, is a clinician, researcher, teacher, and developer of a Psychobiological Approach to Couple Therapy® (PACT).

In this talk we cover:

  • - What is a Healthy Relationship
  • - Supporting Successful Relationships
  • - How couples can become wired for love
  • - Why be in relationship
  • - Working with the Attachment Styles

Dr. Robert Scaer

Somatic Strategies to Heal Trauma

A board-certified neurologist with forty years of clinical experience, twenty of those as Medical Director of Rehabilitation Services at the Mapleton Center in Boulder, CO where he treated over 5,000 whiplash victims.

He has published three books, The Body Bears the Burden: Trauma, Dissociation and Disease, The Trauma Spectrum: Hidden Wounds and Human Resiliency and Eight Keys to Brain/Body Balance.

In this talk we cover:

  • - How does healing really occur
  • - The role of the Amygdala
  • - How to regulate the Fight or Flight response
  • - We don’t heal in isolation
  • - Implicit and Explicit Memory

David Wallin, PhD

Wounds That Must Serve as Tools

Acclaimed author of Attachment in Psychotherapy and co-author of Mapping the Terrain of the Heart: Passion, Tenderness and the Capacity to Love.

Topic: Wounds That Must Serve as Tools: The Therapist’s Attachment History as a Source of Impasse and Inspiration

Explore the clinical applications of Attachment Theory, highlighting in particular the centrality of the relationship, the nonverbal dimension of experience, and the stance of the self toward experience (embedded, mindful, or mentalizing). The aim will be to help us recognize and make the best possible use of our own Attachment history and patterning as we attempt to be of help to our patients.

John Chitty

Polyvagal Theory and The New Brain

Author Dancing with Yin and Yang & co-founder of Colorado School of Energy Studies.

He gives us a brilliant presentation on the 'Triune Autonomic Nervous System' to capture the main ideas of the Polyvagal Theory, based on the work of Stephen Porges, who also vetted the presentation.

You will come away with a deeper understanding of the New Brain Theory and how this affects your work.

Maggie Phillip, PhD

How Somatic Ego-State Therapy can Create Your Strongest Self

Dr. Phillips is co-author of Healing the Divided Self and author of Finding the Energy to Heal and Reversing Chronic Pain. AND, her newly launched Freedom from Pain co-authored with Peter Levine.

Ego-State Therapy makes use of hypnotic or suggestive techniques and somatic approaches like Somatic Experiencing to uncover and work with various aspects of the individual personality. We resolve attachment trauma and conflicts by working with individual ego states that need corrective relational experience as well as the personality as a whole. This webinar will present ways of finding and identifying resource as well as traumatized states, connecting them with conflict-free and deep self-experiences in order to strengthen the inner family of self and improve attachment relationships beyond the self.

Attachment Therapy & Relationship Trauma
Mastery Program...Offer Summary

Here is a summary of what you'll receive:

  • The Attachment & Trauma Mastery Training Program with 5 modules and bonuses [Value $997]
  • Written Transcripts of the Online Video Trainings for Reference [Value $250]
  • Five LIVE Q&A and Mentor Calls [Value $250]
  • Access to a Private Online Member Community
  • Up to 22 Continuing Education Credits [Optional]

PLUS You'll Also Get the Following LIMITED Bonuses

  • BONUS #1: The Attachment Mastery Blueprint: Intergrating Attachment into Your Practice [$400]
  • BONUS #2: The ADVANCED Attachment Client Questionnarie [Value $300]
  • BONUS #3: The Language of Attachment Guide [Value $100]
  • BONUS #4: FIVE Expert Therapy Talks and Trainings [Valye $300]

Total Course Value: $2597

One Discounted payment of $997

3 monthly payments of $377

Risk Free 100% Guarantee

We have put our hearts and minds into creating the best online learning program including Live Webinars, industry experts and bonuses. Try the program risk-free for the first two weeks and if for any reason you are not satisfied just let us know and we will happily refund you.

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What Therapists, Leaders, & Coaches Are Saying

Diane's work has enabled us to work with the tender Attachment piece, with skill, kindness, and understanding. When clients experience it, they often say something like, "This is the work I have been waiting for. No one has held it with me in quite this way."  Diane has given us a beautiful way to meet it and to begin healing the deep and early patterns of our clients and of ourselves.   Thank you Diane!

Christina Morrow

As a psychotherapist and consultant who specializes in trauma repair, I feel it would be out of integrity to continue my work without the knowledge and information I acquired from Diane. She is masterful at teaching us how to transform the lives of our clients and influence our own relationships toward more fulfillment.  I see the power of this work in the changes it brings about in my clients on a daily basis and in my own relationships.  Everyone interested in deeper connection and a gentle path toward healing should enroll in the Attachment Mastery Program!

Alicen Halquist, Boulder, CO

Diane’s demos are amazing. The most powerful and rewarding learning experience for being present with clients and also amazingly healing personally. It is true as Diane says that if attachment and trauma are present, attachment issues need to be addressed first- safety and recovery from that are so helpful for the rest of the work.

Nina Allred Sandy Hook, CT

A privilege to be in Diane’s presence and exposed to the experience she organized for us. I experienced surprising insights, learning and inspiration during this training; I have lots of experience with leaders and teachers. Diane manifests love of people, good humor, professionalism; skill, generosity and humility are refreshing and make me feel deeply appreciative. Thanks to Diane and her circle.

Bob Barrett, Edmonton, Canada

What I do appreciate is what you model in your wholeness of all you are in what you do – The teaching, the business of it that you have created and promote, your thoroughness with all the information you provide, the organization and of time of it all that you put in place with the support you provide, not only for all those taking the workshop but for yourself so you can do what you do best with apparent ease, and your inclusiveness of your team and all of us.

I certainly also appreciate the magnitude of work done to make it all this way as well… Even the way a room was set up and where the Kleenex boxes were let alone how high the shades were on the windows in the room, the exact same fold on all the blankets and the consistency of it each day was just as important as everything else I order to her to create focus, containment and safety so we could all expand in a grounded contained way and process and become…..  In many ways you have expanded that vision for me in who you are.  I always have said about these modalities I study – I want to be them, not necessarily do them.

You do both and that is great for me to witness. Your last line, for me, was a kernel of the whole weekend in terms of what I came to know in my body. “Own your light and don’t project it out – and that it is even harder” That in itself is being focus and expansion, grounded and manifested and a mirror for that as well. Thank you again.

S. Gross

It has helped me understand my clients and know what to do when there are breeches in attunement. Invaluable for working with Trauma, Addiction, and Axis II clients

Sarah Kelder, Chicago, IL

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the workshop and I learned so much.  You really made the material come alive and understanding it at the sensory level made all the difference for me.  It was really helpful for me to witness my own Attachment patterns in a way I had not experienced before.  I am so grateful to you for choosing me to be in a demo.  It was incredible and I was able to experience so much in such a short period of time.  Being in a demo is like studying the Cliff Notes version of imprints and patterns!  You are so gifted and so generous in sharing your talent.”

L. Carroll

Thank you for a wonderful training.  I learned so much and am already digesting and integrating the information you shared with us. As I had mentioned to you, I did my graduate research on Attachment and adult mother/daughter relationship (levels of self-esteem and depression) many years ago at NYU.  Now after working as a clinician for over a decade and having attended the 3 days, it all makes so much more sense.   I so appreciate both the theory and the practice. You demonstrated and taught us so much that will help facilitate repair and re-orientation. I highly respect your work. It obviously reflects years of clinical foundation, experience and self-healing.  The Attachment wounds/repair information is truly the foundation and as you said the pay dirt of our work.  Having the opportunity to watch you in the demonstrations accompanied by the biofeedback was truly astonishing.

P. Atkinson, LCSW-R, NY

The Attachment Mastery program helped me frame therapeutic work within an individual  but all the way into large systems-the organization.  All the world over we are affected by our abilities and disabilities to connect.  This work is how to heal and reform corrections at whatever level, within ourselves, families, and work places, so we can be our best, solo or together.

Ann Weatherley, Boulder, CO

This training helped me frame therapeutic work within an individual  but all the way into large systems-the organization.  All the world over we are affected by our abilities and disabilities to connect.  This work is how to heal and reform corrections at whatever level, within ourselves, families, and work places, so we can be our best, solo or together.

L.S Arroyo, Grande, CA

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