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Attachment Strategies for Adult Relationships
An 8-week online course for therapists, life coaches, and mental health professionals.
How to help our clients heal from traumatic experiences, return to Secure Attachment and move into deeper and more intimate relationships.
6 Training Modules
  • Module 1 – Building a Foundation of Secure Attachment
  • Module 2 – Creating Safe Haven, Trust, Boundaries, & Regulation
  • Module 3 – Attachment and Needs: Secure, Avoidant, & Ambivalent
  • Module 4 – Attachment and Needs: Disorganized
  • Module 5 – Working with Encapsulated Child States, Memory & Dissociation
  • Module 6 – Developing Secure Attachment Skills in Relationship
8 Live Q&A Sessions
  • Written transcripts and video downloads
  • Audio recordings of each module
  • Access to a private online community
5 Bonuses
  • Bonus 1: Two training calls with Patti Elledge, a lead DARe instructor.
  • Bonus 2: Relationships, Trauma, Attachment & Neuroscience Trainings with Experts Terry Real, Stan Tatkin and Ellyn Bader
  • Bonus 3: Two live interactive sessions with Alicen Halquist
  • Bonus 4: Advanced Attachment Client Questionnaire
  • Bonus 5: Attachment Styles Primer
Total Value is $3997
However, I am offering this entire package plus the bonuses for $997! There is also an easy payment plan for five payments of $199.