Hi Everyone,

We are so looking forward to meeting you for our live event: DARe to Connect, Integrating Attachment into your Practice. In this workshop we will be focusing on case studies and live demonstrations with participants to fully experience the power of bringing your clients back to Secure Attachment.

Diane Group Photo 02-DSC03269I have been so impressed with the learning, participation, and interaction of everybody.  It has been a gift to witness and be a part of.

Now, more details on the workshop:

Diane end of workshop 02-DSC06434This live program will help you integrate all your previous trainings in this field, and enhance your confidence in your ability to apply this model when working with your clients. During this time together we will bring a deeper focus on actual applications of the theories presented during the introductory module of the DARe series, and practice the most effective techniques of how to bring our clients back to Secure Attachment. This will include clinical integrations in working with Attachment and Trauma, actual case studies, and live demonstrations. We will also check in with you before the event, inviting you to share your own case studies so we can really tailor this workshop to whatever issues are most relevant to your practice and well-being.

Coming together will provide an opportunity for you to further develop your Mastery of Attachment and Trauma Resolution skills. There is some transmission that occurs when we study and practice as a community in a live setting, so we encourage you to find a way to attend this training. You want to be there!!!

Keynote Speakers (Eileen Fisher, Mukara Meredith) and 3 special topics on Attachment.

The amazing and pioneering women’s fashion designer, Eileen Fisher and the founder of Matrixworks, Mukara Meredith, will both be sharing their unique experience working with Attachment in groups.

Eileen_Fisher- headshot -frontEileen Fisher is the Chief Creative Officer of EILEEN FISHER, INC., the clothing company known for its simple, beautiful designs. For the last thirty years, Eileen has looked at clothing through the lens of confidence and empowerment. As the company has grown to sales of $350 million and 60 stores, it has become a leader in human rights and social responsibility.

Leadership, Workplace + Attachment. Eileen will offer her insights and experience of how nurturing Secure attachment has transformed her personal life and helped her – among other things – to overcome her shyness of speaking in public.

It all started from listening to a DARe 1 DVD, which then motivated her to integrate Diane’s Somatic Attachment principles into her corporate culture. Eileen is extremely transparent about her process and I think you will be very inspired by her story and current efforts to create a 360-degree sustainable culture throughout her organization.

Mukura headshotOn Saturday evening Mukara Meredith, MSW, Certified Hakomi Trainer and MatrixWorks Creator, will be presenting her group dynamics process: How to Facilitate Secure Attachment in large and small organizations.  Mukara’s work is deep and penetrating, and she has worked extensively with a variety of Fortune 500 companies, as well as non-profit and religious organizations in the US, Canada, Brazil, Japan, and Mexico.

Mukara will take us all on an experiential journey to discover a new sense of belonging to ourselves, to each other, and to a larger matrix of safety and connection. Participating directly in the process provides a tangible and embodied foundation for the potential of group genius and a felt sense of how applying the principles of Secure Attachment can positively transform an organization. It will be a very stimulating and heartfelt evening.

To further respond to your feedback, my training team will also be offering these special topics:

  • Integrating Secure Attachment into Our Private Practice And Daily Lifesara-swift21
    with Sara Swift, MA, SEP
    Explore the myriad of ways we, as therapists, can embody and model Secure Attachment with our Clients and in our own personal life.  Learn how to identify and underscore verbal and nonverbal clues of Secure Attachment that clients are continually broadcasting.
  • Interactive Regulation vs. Behavioral Modification – A Secure Attachment Approach for Screen Shot 2014-06-01 at 2.27.45 PMParenting and Working with Children
    with Alicen Halquist, MA, LPC, SEP
    Brain research and neuroscience are proving that Secure Attachment can not only mitigate trauma reactions and behavioral problems, but also insulate children from future issues.
  • Attachment Experience Through the Lens of Adoption: Challenges and OpportunitiesIMG_0624
    with Teri Sullivan Lutz. M.S., M.A., LPC
    Exploring the wound of adoption. Enhancing our ability to build Secure Attachment with adopted children moment by moment. The value of attunement in supporting attachment with the adopted child.


Charter-Ext-sum2The workshop will be held at The Charter at Beaver Creek in Beaver Creek, Colorado – truly one of the most beautiful spots in the world – where together we will learn, create community, and relax. Located two hours from Denver International Airport (DIA), the resort provides a nice “blend of relaxed family intimacy and the upscale refinement of an alpine village.” The Resort includes outdoor heated pool, two hot tubs, and we have our own meeting space for two days.

We encourage you to also consider bringing your family and have an extended vacation (we have room rates guaranteed for five days before and after the event for those interested).

Registering for the Weekend: HOLDING YOUR SPACE

Step 1.  To hold your spot for the weekend, you must first register with us. The $70 fee to hold your space provides you a private buffet lunch on both days. This nominal fee (our actual costs!) ensures your spot in the program, and the buffet enables us to stay together as a group and come back to the afternoon program on time.   Details are below.

Bring a Colleague or Friend

If you would like to bring a colleague or friend to the workshop, you may also register them below.  We have limited spots so we recommendCharter pool5 early registration.

Step 2.  Room Reservation

We also negotiated an amazing group discount for staying at the The Charter at Beaver Creek and Borders Lodge, with room rates starting at $119. And to connect and save money, we encourage you to reach out in our Facebook group if you want to share a room or condo and for transportation from Denver International Airport. Details are below, but you need to call in order to get the discounted rate.

I am  also inviting you to a private reception in my room on Friday night.  Stay tuned as we announce special guests and events.

Look forward to seeing you face to face.

Much Love,

Diane, Brian & Premo



Step 1a: Register with Attachment Mastery Program

Private Lunch Buffet Saturday and Sunday: $70
Please note this fee is non-refundable.

(if you are bringing a second person, skip to Step 1b right below)



Step 1b.  Register Yourself and Bring a Colleague or Friend (limited seats – this includes $297 for tuition and the buffet lunches for the two of you)


Step 2: Room Reservations

The Charter at Beaver Creek and Borders Lodge
by Wyndham Vacation Rentals
PO Box 5310, 120 Offerson Road
Beaver Creek, CO 81620

For room reservations, you need to call 800-525-6660
and reference “DARe to Connect” to apply the special conference discount.

Room Rates *
$119 – 35 lodge rooms with two Queen beds
$119 – 10 lodge rooms with a King bed
$149 – 45 one-bedroom condos
$229 – 30-40 two-bedroom condos with two King beds, or a King and two Queen beds
$359 – 2 three-bedroom condos
$459 – 1 four-bedroom condo

* Not including taxes and resort fees.

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