Diane headshotDear Friends,

I want to invite you join us this summer in Boulder, Colorado for our annual DARe to Connect: Integrating Attachment into Your Practice from July 10-12, 2015.

This live workshop will help you integrate all your previous trainings in the field, and enhance your confidence and skill in applying Mastery of Attachment and Trauma Resolution with clients.

Through further training, live demos, dyads, debriefings and other exercises, we will explore the most effective techniques for bringing clients back to Secure Attachment. There will be an opportunity to check in before the event and share your own case studies so we can tailor this workshop to whatever issues are most relevant to your practice and well-being.

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There is a powerful transformation that occurs when we study and practice as a community in a live setting. I hope you’ll be able to join us!

Topics will include:

  • It’s all about LOVE and an Diane end of workshop 02-DSC06434expansion of Welcome to the World
  • Review of Secure, Avoidant, Ambivalent and most important the complexities of Disorganized Attachment  Adaptations
  • Who are your Benefactor Allies? What happens in your body when you orient to your Tribe of Allies?
  • Family Hole, Loyalty and how it affects your Life Purpose
  • Review of each Attachment adaptation
  • In-depth demos on each attachment adaptation you can apply for ahead of time
  • Group exercises with experienced coaches to deepen your expertise in applying the work in your life and practice.

4 Reasons You Don’t Want to Miss This Workshop!

  1. Deepen your understanding of Attachment. I will provide advanced Attachment style teachings so you can help your clients get the most out of their sessions with you.
  2. Practice what you’ve learned in Attachment Mastery. Small breakout group sessions will allow you to practice techniques, receive feedback, and get all of your questions answered.
  3. The rare chance to see (or participate in) demos with me. I don’t demonstrate sessions very often, but I believe it’s important to see Attachment therapy in action. This is your opportunity to see how I integrate Attachment theory!
  4. Special keynote speeches during lunch. The lunches are a valuable opportunity for us to stay together as a group to make the most of this precious time together. Read on to preview the keynote topics…
I am absolutely ecstatic about Diane’s method, and how deeply life-changing it has been for me personally and professionally. I am a very public figure, but I absolutely avoid speaking in public. Since gaining the confidence to stay present and to not dissociate, I started accepting speaking engagements…and even my friends and my staff have noticed a significant difference. It’s exciting!  – Eileen Fisher, CEO

3 Keynote Speakers and 3 Special Topics on Attachment


Anna photo 2010 copyEmbriology and Experiential Exercises to Strengthen and Expand Inherent Health
with Anna Chitty, BCST, RPP, SEP
Anna is co-owner of the Colorado School of Energy Studies in Boulder and has been in private practice for 35 years. Discover “Inherent Health,” the fundamental blueprint that guides the formation of the body and supports healthy Attachment. By learning the nature of this fundamental template of the client’s system, we can begin to recognize and cultivate it as a deep source for healing attachment wounds.


Patricia Meadows

Exploring Our Original Attachment Template: Impressions from the Womb
with Patricia Meadows, MS, RN, RCST, SEP
Patricia is a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, DARe faculty member, and a pre- and perinatal trauma therapist with 40 years experience. Insights and research from Pre- and Perinatal Psychology reveal that the ‘prenate’ is a sentient being and that prenatal consciousness is registering security and insecurity, as well as receiving attachment ‘impressions’ and imprints while still in the womb. During this talk, we will discover how to create prenatal corrective experiences through presence, touch and language.


Patti-Elledge-2013web-200x200Enhancing Your DAReSpeak!
Patti Elledge, M.S., SEP
Patti is a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP) and DARe faculty member who has used clinical application of neuroscience theory for 33 years. Are you wondering how to blend Therapeutic Antidotes for different styles on-the-fly for clients? We will explore how to make seamless decisions based on “patterns” as they arise in a session, speak the client’s language as they recount an event or memory, and ways to match Somatic, Emotional and Developmental resources to create a True Corrective Experience.

This training helped me frame therapeutic work both within the individual and as well as large systems. It showed how to heal and reform corrections at whatever level, within ourselves, families, and work places, so we can be our best–solo or together.    – A. Weatherley Boulder, CO


Held in Beautiful Boulder, Colorado


Diane’s demos are amazing. They’re the most powerful, rewarding learning experience for being present with clients. They’re also amazing for healing personally.      – N. Allred, Sandy Hook, CT


Registering for the Three Day Event

1.  Event Registration (limited sePearlStreetats)

To hold your spot for the training, you must first register with us. The tuition for the three day event is $497.

We will also be hosting a private lunch for those three days. this helps us stay together as a group and come back to the afternoon program on time. As mentioned above, we will have a keynote speaker for each lunch. The costs for the three buffet lunches is $149, which includes food, gratuities and taxes (fyi: this is our costs).

If you have not attended a DARe 1 workshop or the Attachment Mastery Program or listened to the DVDs, it is recommended


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LocationRoom Reservation

The workshop will be held at The Marriott in Boulder, Colorado, where together we will learn, create community, and relax.  It is located just one hour from Denver International Airport (DIA).



Step 2. Room Reservation
We negotiated a group discount for staying at the Boulder Marriott, with room rates starting at $189. You can also enjoy a 15% discount at their spa during your stay. And to connect and save money, we encourage you to reach out in our Facebook group if you want to share a room and for transportation from Denver International Airport. Details are below, but you need to call in order to get the discounted rate. There are a limited number of rooms, so please book early.

We also have a special rate at The Marriott in Louisville for $119 a room and the Quality Inn in Louisville for $99. Louisville is located about ten minutes (7.7 miles) from Marriott and will require transportation.

The Boulder Marriott
2660 Canyon Blvd.
Boulder, CO 80302
303.440.8877 | Fax: 303.448.6626

Residence Inn and Courtyard by Marriott
948 West Dillon Rd.
Louisville, CO 80027
(303)604.0007 | Fax: (303)665.9842

Quality Inn in Louisville
1196 Dillon Rd., Louisville, CO, 80027, US
Phone: (303) 604-0181

For room reservations, reference “DARe to Connect” to apply the special conference discount.

CE Credit: CE’s are available for $99 per each 22 CE’s awarded.


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