Dear [Affiliate],

I wanted to send you my sincere appreciation for your amazing support in 2017! It has been a pleasure to collaborate with you in this journey of making meaningful material available to our global therapy community!

Below is a list of upcoming online courses we have planned for 2018! Please let me know what you think would make sense for your list.

February 2018 – Unraveling the Mystery of Memory with Peter Levine Online Course
A 5 week course with Peter Levine on Unraveling the Mystery of Memory in the Treatment of Trauma. Peter will teach through his actual client demos as well as elucidating the master keys to unlock healing Traumatic events to greatly reduce unnecessary suffering.

Mail date: February 12-23
Course Start date: March 7th
Course Cost: $247 (commission 30% one mailing, 35% two mailing)

March 2018 – Online Attachment Mastery Program (AMP)
This is our most successful program and we’ve had over participants. We are currently updating the entire course with new content. AMP covers all Attachment adaptations, parent-child interaction styles and Clinical Corrective Experiences for Secure, Avoidant, Ambivalent and Disorganized Attachment, Building Shame Resiliency and Healing Grief and loss. Many client demos, pre-recorded teachings and live calls are included. 20 CE’s are available for small fee.

Mail date: TBD, approx. April 2-13
Course Start date: TBD, approx. May 2
Course Cost: $497-$997, commission 30%

September 2018 – Online Summit: Couples Work
This is a followup to our online Attachment summit last year that attracted over 20,000 participants. This year the topic is Couples Work, and guest speakers include: Ellyn Bader, Stan Tatkin, Terry Real, Amir Levine, Pat Love, and Sue Johnson.

Mail date: TBD, approx. September 3-14
Course Start date: TBD, approx. September 24
Course Cost: Viewers can watch for free during certain times, Upsell: $127/ commission 50% with request for two mailings